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Did you also know that we are a Cocktail Bar?

You’ve no doubt heard the term thrown around a lot, but if someone asked you what a craft cocktail was, you might not know how to tell them. No judgment.

“How could you be a craft cocktail bar? This is a beer garden with sports! Don't you just have wells and mixers?” is what you may be thinking, and at most sports bars, that may be what you get... But just like our love for craft beer, we happen to have a love for cocktails too.

Whatever your stance on craft cocktails, we wanted to break them down for you. Once understood, we think they are something everyone can get on board with.
Which is super convenient, because we make pretty damn good ones here at Social Beer Garden. 

What makes a craft cocktail, craft?

“[A craft cocktail is] when the bartender respects the ingredients and the patron enough to slow down and do the drink justice. After all anyone can dump whiskey and sweet vermouth together and call it a Manhattan but a craft bartender might take a more thoughtful approach to pairing whiskey known for a particular characteristic with a complimentary vermouth.”

In short, craft cocktails come down to three things:

Craft cocktail’s ingredients are fresh. Here at Social we use Fresh juices, Housemade Syrups and Infusions in our seasonally rotating cocktail menu. Heck we even use the Owner's local honey from their backyard! Doesn't get much fresher than that.

Much like cooking with fresh, whole ingredients, making craft cocktails often requires more labor to create something both drinkable and delicious. But that’s half the fun. Yes, it’s a job. But bartenders who specialize in craft cocktails do so because they love the process.



It’s also going to be beautiful.

Whether it’s an Old Fashioned with a crystal clear ice cube in a sleek tumbler, or Social's signature Bulleit and a Target with a sprig of fresh rosemary emitting an earthy aroma, craft cocktails are easy on the eyes.

Now, if for whatever reason you still don't believe us, guess you'll just have to order one of our libations and find out!

And be sure to follow us on Instagram where we post our craft cocktail pics from our cocktail bar often!

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