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2023 esports in Houston, TX

We have the biggest outdoor TV in Houston, a tech savvy management team, fiber internet and lots of time on our hands and the very first thing we did when we got a chance on our new 20ft monster TV was connect an xbox and fire up some multiplayer action. The experience was, and is, awesome but since then we were distracted by other events and the world cup which occupied us for most of 2022.

- Register interest

- Rules

- Dates

- Current Champion and Ranking

Now the world cup is over and we still have soccer on our minds we are ready to setup a FIFA 23 xbox tournament.

The tournament will be open to 21+ and run continuously throughout the year. We will be running the format in a UFC style manner with ranked players and a belt. Unlike UFC we will not be seperating the rankings by Weight or Sex with all competitors duking it out for a single "Title Belt" which is being crafted as you read this.

This tournament is a rain or shine event, if its raining we have an indoor TV that is hooked up that we will use instead.

To register Complete Form below:

​Open ranking matches are weekly on Monday, Tuesday and Sunday evenings. Top 10 ranked games will be held weekly on a Sunday at 7pm - 9pm

There will be a mandatory challenger match every month where the challenger will be taking on the second place ranked player. If a player does not attend their match, they are in default and lose.

The Champion at the end of the Year will have their name etched on the retired belt. The Champions belt will remain at the bar for display purposes with the Holders gamer tag on display for everyone to see. Our former annual champions tag will be added to future year belts to memorialize their legendary status.

Rules subject to change

- 6min half

- default teams only

- physical aggression will not be tolerated

- gamers will be respectful to Social Beer Garden and other competitors

Current Champion:

Julz "Semi-pro" ( ENJEAM ) since 12/21/2022



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