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As a small family business, Social Beer Garden is able to do some things that other places cant event dream of doing. One of those things is putting their hyperlocal raw Houston honey into their drinks.

How are they able to put local honey into their drinks?

Our owners are experienced beekeepers in Houston and they believe in providing the best customer experience whilst maintaining affordable prices. Elevating their cocktails is one of the many ways they are trying to do this.

Which cocktail has the Houston Local Honey in it?

Cash honey records. This exciting cocktail features Fox & Seeker Meridian Gin from a Small batch hyperlocal Houston Distillery, our local raw honey combined in a house made lavender syrup, orange bitters, and cinnamon.

Is it just cocktails that have the local Houston honey?

As if we would stop there! Coming in Q4 2022 will be two beers from different Major breweries which will be brewed with our Local Houston Honey.

Which Breweries are using Socials Houston honey?

We are excited to announce that Urban South HTX will be brewing a beer called "Wet Hop Honey IPA" using the freshest Hops and Socials Local Houston Honey.

Are there any chemicals used in your honey?

Nope we are a chemical free operation using USDA Pol-line mite resistant hives.

Do you filter out the pollen?

All of our pollen remains in the honey. We use 600 micron food grade filters to remove wax and other debris while retaining all of the pollen in our honey that we serve to you, that way we never have to heat our honey to preserve it.

There is Hyperlocal Raw Houston Honey in our drinks

Wet Hop Honey
Honey Coctails
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