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Burlesque Show Pink Moon Cabaret in Houston, TX

Burlesque Show in Houston, TX

The lights dim. The curtains open. The thrill begins. This is a burlesque show.

- What is burlesque?

- What are the rules?

- When is it?
- Where is it?

Enjoy Houston's best and the only FREE Burlesque show in Houston at Social Beer Garden HTX! Featuring Feminine Friday Burlesque show and Pink Moon Cabaret and Jazz on Saturday! With dazzling world class performances from talents like Gia Vaughna, Ramona Rose, Fox Monroe, and the ever sultry Nikki Knockout.


Our weekly Feminine Friday Burlesque show provide intricate exotic burlesque and cabaret performances that have never been seen before in Houston. 

Bring a friend, a fling, date, or your secret crush, enjoy a delicious cocktail,  and prepare to be wowed by artistic choreography and presentation curated to make your weekend night spectacular. 


  • Our Feminine Friday Burlesque show starts at 11pm on Friday nights.

  • Our Pink Moon Cabaret and Jazz show falls on the 2nd & 3rd Saturdays at 8pm.

What is a burlesque show?

It is a dance show which can different talents into their act. This may be singing, comedy gymnastics or acrobatics. Dancers, plan their routines carefully using elaborate costumes which they often make themselves. Did you know that not all Burlesque performers are Female? True, one of Social Beer Gardens performers is male and hes ridiculously good.

So who attends our burlesque shows?

Surprisingly the audience is mostly 25-35 and female which is probably why the rare male performer gets such glowing reviews.

​Burlesque show rules

Never touch the performers unless specifically asked to do so. No pictures when the pasties are visible. Please return discarded clothing. Always cheer, it helps them know how much you appreciate their hard work.

What is burlesque
When are the burlesqe shows
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