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Movie Night

Wednesday is Movie Night at Social Beer Garden in Midtown Houston, TX

Social Beer Gardens Wednesday Movie Night is a weekly date night attraction in Midtown Houston that has no entry cost.

Stating at 8pm weekly on Wednesdays we will be showing a carefully thought out movie from our theme in the main bar and Garden on our 20ft Outdoor LED TV with Sound on.

Future Themes by Month:

March - New Release

April - TBD

May - TBD

We are fully licensed by the MPLC to play movies at out Bar in Houston TX. Our licensing does prevent us from listing the exact movie via online channels but we are able to describe the movies theme for the month and give some hints.


If you want to know the exact movie being played on a particular date then please call ahead or visit social where we are able to display the movies being played by date.

Food options include:

- Pizza Forno - 6 different pizzas available

- Mexican Food Night by Think tacos

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