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Thursday Open Mic Comedy

Thursday Night Open Mic Comedy in Midtown Houston, TX

Social's Open Mic Comedy is a weekly showcase of Houston's best up-and-coming performers. Each show is a hilarious mix of professionals working on new material, amateur comedians working on their chops, and first-timers being thrown in the mix.


Hosted by Taylor Needham of Play & Improv, Open Mic Comedy is held every Thursday at 9:00 pm.


How to Sign-up

1. Email Fri - Wed

2. Write your stage name & date of the Comedy Night you're signing up for

3. Check your email on Thursday. If you didn't make the list, you will receive an email for first priority next week.

4. Arrive by 8.30pm Thursday & Check in with the Host!


The show starts at 9pm and goes through till after midnight with sets generally lasting about 5mins each.

Must Be 21+ w Valid ID to Enter.

Admission is free for audience members and for performers.

Open Mic Comedy is used as a starting ground for many comics, as well as a place to practice new material for veteran comedians. Some jokes may kill, others may bomb, but it's always a good time. Be sure to support those appearing on stage; it's not as easy as you think! Sit down and watch the show from an empty seat. You never might learn something!

The Rules 

1. We please ask absolutely no picking on customers who aren't there for the comedy and the Use of the N or C words are prohibited (We are still open to the public) 

2. Finish within your time limit. Every performer gets the same length of time to try out their material. Avoid going over your time allotment because it can negatively impact your fellow performers and the host or organizer who created the performing schedule.

3.Be respectful. Talking with others, looking at your phone, or constantly moving around can distract the performer on stage. Being respectful during the sets of other performers helps foster an inclusive environment for all performers.

4. Have fun, It is an open mic comedy show after all! 

P.s- We also have some killer drink specials on Thursdays as well!

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