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Houstons Best Saturday Drag Show

Best Saturday Morning Drag Show in Houston, TX

OUR DRAG BRUNCH show has been suspended indefinitely due to the new law in texas, SB12, which aims to prevent children from being on premise during drag shows. We will have special one off drag shows in the evenings in the future after our family friendly hour curfew.

This was a difficult decision to make and we are absolutely open to revising at a later date if the law relaxes.

Social Beer Garden is home to one of the only Free Drag show performances in Houston, TX. The Saturday Afternoon, "Slay all day" Drag show features talented Queens from all around the nation as well as the one and only DJ GNDRBNDR.

Who says drag is just a Sunday thang? Slay all Day the Drag Queen Brunch Show is the perfect combination of spectacular Drag routines and comedy performances by the industry’s best and the funniest drag queen hosts you’ll ever have the pleasure of encountering, add drunken spelling bees and bingo and you have yourself one hell of a good time! Heck they even hang off the rafters! We offer $20 Bottles of Champagne for Mimosas and a rotating variety of food vendors.

Eat, Drink, Laugh and clap your ass off!

Our drag shows are perfect for bachelorette parties, gay bachelor parties, birthday parties, couples afternoon out, guys afternoon out, ladies afternoon out, moms afternoon out, or for no damn reason at all but just to see the most amazing drag queen show in town!

Must be at least 21 years of age to purchase or consume alcohol.

Please book ahead as space is limited unless you have a reservation. Clink the link below


What is a Drag show?

A drag show is a comedy performance which focuses around artists impersonating women or men. Typically the performers lip-sync or sing songs while dancing. in costume. The show is comedic in nature and actively seeks audience participation through games, singing and trivia.

What to wear to drag show? 

Anything goes as drag shows are all about being comfortable in your own skin. Most people that then to come to the shows are celebrating a birthday  or engagement and so you do get some glamourous attendees. Also feel free to experiment with a new look and enjoy expressing yourself. 

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