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2022 Fifa World Cup Predictions, France to win it all by SBG in Houston

How do you know who's going to win the 2022 Fifa World Cup? Is the question you are probably thinking right now...then you are going to want to know who Social Beer Garden thinks is going to win.

Well the short answer is that we spend a huge amount of time watching Sports over here in our Bar in Houston TX. We watch EPL (English premier league), La Liga, Liga MX, MLS, Champions league and all the other cool games and leagues.

Long story short we get paid to watch Sports while you drink beer and y'all drink a ton of beer over here!!

And when its late at night we often fire up our XBOX and Fifa 22/23 on our Humongous 20ft Outdoor LED TV. So yeah we know something about Soccer (Football) :)

So lets see what we came up with.....

According to FIFA - Who on October 19th were COMPLETELY INCORRECT.....LAUGHABLE is another word for it.

  1. Brazil - Cant defend / Neymar sucks

  2. Belgium - Debruyne man crush here

  3. Argentina - Is Messi retired?

  4. France - Solid all round plus best strikers

  5. England - Cant score in a brothel. Southgate sucks soo much.

  6. Italy - Sleepers

  7. Spain - Over rated

  8. Netherlands - Under rated beasts.

  9. Portugal - All their Man U players are out of form and Jota out

  10. Denmark - Huh?

  11. Germany - Laughable ranking, always bring their A game to competitions

  12. Croatia - Modric cant hold them up any more can he?

  13. Mexico - Cant even keep 11 players on the pitch

16. USA - Need a new coach badly (We love Eric Wynalda for the USMNT)

Beyond this nobody matters.

So what's going to happen in the group stages?

Group A - Netherlands top then probably Senegal

Group B - England top easily even though they cant score then USMNT (USA) but only just over Wales.

Group C - Argentina win their group easily then Mexico can keep all 11 players on the pitch they might sneak second.

Group D - France in first gear with Max points then Denmark

Group E - Germany edge Spain

Group F - Belgium easily over Croatia

Group G - Brazil with Max points then Serbia just over Cameron.

Group H - Uruguay then Portugal who wont have the power of previous tournaments

Round of 16

Netherlands (W) vs USMNT (USA) - 3 - 0 This wont be close :(

Argentina (W) vs Denmark - Close low scoring game expected

Germany (W) vs Croatia - 1 - 0 Germany

Brazil (W) vs Portugal - 2 - 0 Brazil

England (W) vs Senegal - Mane will score but England will edge out 2-1

France (W) vs Mexico - Just a walk in the Park for Karim Benzema

Belgium (W) vs Spain - This could go to penalties

Uruguay vs Serbia (W) - Gonna be a sending off in this game


Netherlands (W) vs Argentina - Netherlands with their defense 1-0 Argentina crash out

Germany (W) vs Brazil - Germany are going to stifle that Brazil attack 2-1.

England vs France (W) - Benzema and Mbappe are going to destroy England 0-2

Belgium (W) vs Serbia - Easy time for Belgium 2-0


Netherlands (W) vs Germany - Slightly better overall team 1-0

France (W) vs Belgium - Just cant see Debruyne taking out France alone


France (W) vs Netherlands - France's firepower is too big and their defense is too strong. We think France will win this years world cup in Qatar.

Top scorers

Benzema (Fra)

Mbappe (Fra)

Depay (Net) Jesus (Bra)

Lukaku (Bel)

Kane (Eng)

So there you have it Social Beer Gardens best 2022 Fifa world cup teams are

1) France

2) Netherlands

3) Belgium

4) Germany

5) Brazil

6) Argentina

7) Italy

8) England

9) Spain

10) Portugal


12) Mexico


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