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Social Beer Garden - Have the best craft beer selection in Houston...

This is our first post so be gentle....

Our goal at Social Beer Garden, as a small family owned and operated beer garden, is to create the best bar in the City through creating a one stop place for all your bar needs be it Craft Beer / Cocktails / Sports / Fun Events. Our Beer selection as a beer garden is a core part of this overall goal and this is why we aim to have The best craft beer selection in the city of Houston.

When we bought the business a little over a year ago, the beer selection was extremely limited, easy and quite simply, boring!

Since this point we dumped 80% of the offerings, and doubled the options and we have gotten to a point now where we believe that we are starting to receive comparisons to the best beer venues in the city. (We are cheaper than those Alien guys and we have a better selection of local stuff than they do FYI)

So how did we do it? By drinking a lot of beer! Last year we tried a little over 400 different beers most of which were brand new to the Houston market from Local craft beer breweries and new nationwide brews and we have no intention to slow down this search for the next perfect IPA/Hazy/Sour/Pastry Stout/Cider....

Our 44 tap draft wall aims to please a variety of tastes for the whole of Houston Craft beer drinkers.

Seasonal Drafts

We aim to have two seasonal rotating beers (right now its Octoberfest / Marzen style beers going into pumpkin beers)

IPAs on Draft

We tend to keep about 8 IPAs on tap including at least one Dank Ipa, Two double IPAs, One triple / quad IPA, Two hazy IPAs and at least one easy drinking IPA. Key breweries include Baa baa brewhouse, Brash, Parish brewing, Lone Pint, St Arnolds, Great Heights.

Sours on Draft

We love sours so we normally have 4 or more on tap including one heavily fruited and they tend to vary every time we get a new keg. Key breweries include, Urban South HTX, B52 Brewing, Parish Brewing, Ingenious brewing.

Porter/Stouts on Draft

Try to keep three on tap at all times including guiness one easy drinking and one rotating heavy hitting imperial pastry stout mmm tasty. Key breweries include, Saloon Door, Guinness and Ingenious brewing.

Blondes/Pilsners/Lagers/Kolsch on Draft

We normally keep about 3 blondes on tap, a pilsner, a kolsch and one lager these dont rotate so often. Key breweries include, Equal Parts, Fulbrook Ale works, Southern Star, Eureka Heights.

Wheat/Hefeweizen on Draft

We have on average 3 wheat beers on tap including blue moon and some rotating options

Ciders on Draft

We normally have three on tap, an all year cider, a pear cider and a rotating seasonal cider.

Amber/Browns on Draft

Two is the goal including an Astros game beer :)


We know that sometimes you want something light and easy drinking so we still have all the Houston favorites from Modelo, Miller lite, Dos XX and Michelob ultra.

Our Canned beer Selection is very extensive with over 100 different craft beer options with no doubling up

12+ IPA options - Doubles / Triples / Quads / IPAs / Hazy IPAs / New England IPAs / Pale Ales / West coast

9+ Ligher options - Blondes / Lagers / Kolsch / Pilsners

9+ Sour options

5+ Amber / Brown / Bocks

5+ Wheat/Hefeweizens

8+ Porter / Stout options including imperial porters and pastry stouts

6+ Cider options

3+ Non Alcoholic options

2+ Glutenfree beers

1+ Kombucha option

1+ Session mead option

15+ Seltzer options

10+ Macro bucket beers (Michelob ultra and similar)

So come join us in our journey to bring the Beer Nerds to midtown.

P.S we do $8 draft beer flights at Happy Hour (no upcharging either) regular price is $12. Limit one high ABV item >8% per flight.

P.P.S we have private parking!!


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