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Most popular Beers drank by each world cup Country's supporters

Wow how can you not love the world cup soccer finals? Such drama with Mexico, Belgium, Germany and Uruguay knocked out in the group stages in such dramatic fashion. Just wow 👏👿🙈💔😱👏

Soccer bar in Houston TX
Watching 2022 USA World Cup soccer in the garden

Here at Social Beer Garden in Midtown, Houston TX a beautiful indoor outdoor craft beer and cocktail bar we have watched ever single 2022 world cup soccer game even the 4am ones and we drank a huge amount of beer while doing it (should have taken a picture of our empty kegs). I'm still shocked at the number of people that came in to watch the 4am games.

Sometimes you need to change your strategy mid game
Player changing his mind during 4am soccer game

So here it is by team and its not surprising that lighter beers dominated:

Argentina - Dos XX / Modelo

Australia - Southern Star Bombshell Blonde / Michelob Ultra

Belgium - Fulbrook Blueberry Cream Ale / Buckle bunny

Brazil - Modelo / Dos XX

Canada - Lone Pint Yellow Rose / Parish Ghost in the Machine

Cameroon - Love Street / Guinness

Costa Rica - Love Street / Modelo

Croatia - Bishop Ciderdaze

Denmark - Eureka Heights Buckle bunny

Ecuador - Modelo / Corona / Michelob Ultra

England - Heineken / Stella / Holler Slow Clap

France - Stella / Equal Parts Loggerbier

Ghana - Guinness / Ingenious Blueberry Crumble

Iran - Equal Parts Loggerbier

Japan - Modelo

Mexico - Dos XX / Modelo / Corona

Morocco - Modelo / Parish Vermillionaire

England Soccer Bar in Houston
English fans love beer. And they say Americans are loud...please

Netherlands - Saloon Door Tasty AF / Loggerbier

Poland - Stella / Heineken

Qatar - Modelo

Saudi Arabia - Coffee / Modelo

Senegal - Ingenious Blueberry Crumble / Modelo

Serbia - 11 below Oso Bueno / Bombshell blonde

South Korea - Modelo / Heineken

Spain - Heineken / Dos XX

Tunisia - Love street

Switzerland -

Outdoor sports bar showing world cup
Just Chilling in the beer garden watching the soccer on a giant outdoor TV

USA - Stella / Love Street /Guinness

Uruguay - Modelo / Parish SIPS Malbec

Wales - BaaBaa D-Ewe Drop Strawberry / Loggerbier

As you can see. Modelo was the clear choice followed surprisingly by the excellent but lesser known Equal Part's Loggerbier with Stella, Guinness and Love street behind.

So come on down and join us for the Round of 16 starting 12/3/22 at 9am as the USA plays Netherlands to get into the Quarter finals in the 2022 Fifa Soccer World Cup. We have a feeling that its going to be a great day 😜


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